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...Looking to fund a favorite educational project? Grantwriting may be an answer. The key to successful funding is matching a well-presented project idea to a funding source that shares your interest.
...The process is not necessarily a difficult one; often it simply is a matter of providing required information and following directions. Sources of grant funding are many, and may include individuals, businesses, corportations and foundations.
..Successful fund raising may also involve relationship building and networking. People give to people...people who can do what they say they will do.

Funding Services
Services provided by BLaST IU17 Educational Funding  
Grantwriting services are available for a number of projects. Of highest priority are those providing resources for IU programs, and those benefitting the greatest number of school districts and nonpublic schools serviced by BLaST IU 17. Collaborative efforts involving the IU as an active proposal partner, plus grants for individual districts, are written on an as-available basis with assistance from school personnel.  
Introductory Grantwriting Workshops - These after-school programs are offered each year for educators throughout the BLaST IU17 service area. Providing a thumbnail sketch of funding fundamentals, they outline the proposal writing process, as well as identification of potential resources.  
Consultation - For the person unsure about pursuing a grant, or who has an idea and is uncertain as to the next steps, BLaST IU17 can offer recommendations. This is done without cost on an as-available basis.  
Editing of Grants - If you are submitting a grant and would like to have a third-party reading of your work, we can provide such a service. Editing is done without cost on an as-available basis.  
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Grant Funded Programs:  
Nonpublic School Programs:  
Title V - Provides resources for the purchase of nonsectarian instructional and curriculum materials to nonpublic schools electing to participate in this federally funded program. Schools may choose grade-appropriate materials based upon identification of student needs and educational objectives to be met.  
Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Program - Provides resources for prevention activities in the areas of tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use. All programs are coordinated in meetings of a Community Advisory Council, composed of parents, school administrators, and representatives of health and community agencies.  
Public School Programs:  
School Safety and Security - Periodic grant-funded programs designed to provide public and nonpublic school personnel with an opportunities to examine safety and security issues.  

Title I Parent Workshops - Annual one-day programs for parents of students receiving Title I services; involves participants in a variety of workshops related to helping children with reading and mathematics skills.

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Web Links:  
The Foundation Center - 1-800-424-9836 - - on-line tutorials and short courses cover a range of grantseeking topics including funding research, budget preparation, and proposal writing; excellent glossary of terms.  
The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance - - overview of proposal writing information useful in applying for federal assistance programs - Developing and Writing Grant Proposals: Part 1 and Part 2.  
Basic Elements of Grant Writing -Corporation for Public Broadcasting - - an excellent easy-to-read brochure providing an overview of the elements of the grantwriting process; covers preparation and proposal writing.  
Program Planning and Proposal Writing - The Grantsmanship Center - 1-800-421-9512 - - inexpensive booklet on basics of proposal writing with specific examples; easy-to-understand format.  
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Directory of Pennsylvania Foundations - Triadvocates Press, Springfield, PA; (610) 544-6927
- a comprehensive listing of foundations in Pennsylvania with descriptions of funding interests and awards, contact information and a guide to writing basics.
The Principal's Guide to Grant Success - David G. Bauer - - a richly illustrated book on grantseeking; includes sample forms, worksheets, and techniques to assist individuals in developing proposals.  
Grantseeker's Desk Reference - Polaris Corporation - 1-800-368-3775 - - excellent resource of information clearinghouses and other useful grantwriting materials.  
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The Chronicle of Philanthropy - - biweekly newspaper reporting about the who and what of the grantseeking world.  
Education Grants Alert - LRP Publications, Inc., Palm Beach, FL; (800) 341-7874 - a weekly newsletter of K-12 education funding opportunities.  
School Technology Alert - - monthly guide to "technology funding, safety, and trends"  
James V. Brown Public Library, 19 East Fourth Street, Williamsport - - operates the Nonprofit Resource Center, including a Cooperating Collection of the Foundation Center; provides extensive fundraising and grant writing information.
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The lists above are provided as helpful information and not meant to be exhaustive. No endorsement is implied by BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 by listing these organizations or titles.