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Successful Reading Fair for 2005
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Pearson Learning
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Read Naturally
Reading Advantage
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SRA Corrrective Reading
Wilson Reading
ith twelve vendors of reading intervention programs and over $1500 of door prizes, attendees of the first annual Reading Materials Fair were kept engaged and entertained with all that was offered to them.

Kicking off the event was Dan Thompson from PATTAN with his morning session entitled, "What to Look for in Quality Reading Programs." Vendors then had the opportunity to give
a brief 10 minute overview of their reading programs.

ver the course of the
afternoon, teachers, curriculum directors and adminstrators
were able to get a closer look and "hands on" experiences with the products on display. During this time, the vendors were able to demonstrate their products and fully explain how the programs will benefit all students in improving reading and understanding.

Reviewing the components of the LANGUAGE
program is Fair Coordinator Amy Breon with
Jenny Hamilton of Sopris West.

Dan Thompson

Thompson Discusses Five Areas of Quality Reading Programs
Specific points were made to participants in what to consider when selecting a reading intervention program. Emphasis was made on chosing a program which meets the needs of your students and not selecting a program based on what is being used in across the state or in a nearby neighboring district. It is best to always first consider what needs your own students have based upon your district's collected data for reading..

Thompson also discussed that not all programs will have an emphasis on all of the five areas targeted for reading. But will often focus in on one or more of the five essential qualities

Five areas to consider in a reading program are: Fluency, Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Alphabetic Principles, Vocabulary and Comprehension.

Above: Ellie Bradley from Pearson/Globe showcases her many supplemental materials. Center, Plato representative Maureen Austine demonstrates the new interactive technology, based on a game-boy type concept for reading while, below, Jim Weaver discusses the new SRA reading products available in addition to the "Corrective Reading" series featured at the fair.
hile visiting with the vendors and working with their sample materials, all of the
participants were given a matrix
to help them organize the wealth
of information they were given.
Areas included instructional time consideration, length of overall program, reading delays targeted,
reading skills targeted, cost and the potential availability and cost of professional development.

One of the highlights throughout the day was the drawing for door prizes. Vendors were extremely generous with their contributions
of books and packaged samples, supplemental materials and complete kits and reading series.

Those who attended left not only with an armful of materials, samples and catalogues, but a wealth
of new ideas for reading.
Taking participants through an actual lesson is Reading Naturally's Elaine Balum
What Did Participants Think About the Reading Materials Fair!

... well organized and a wealth of information to use in the classroom

... presenters brief morning overview helped us to target programs to visit

...wonderful to see all the materials, wish there was more time to visit all sessions

...variety of materials and vendors, good for all student levels, Great Workshop

...excellent materials, the presenters were very good and well prepared

...focused both on reading and remediation

Above: Dr. Wise answers
questions about Reading
Success while below,
Amy Breon draws another
lucky doorprize winner.
Products reviewed from, above left, Lindamood-bell, right, Scholastic Read180 and, below, Reading Advantage with Reading Fair participants.
A special thank-you to Marlene Ryder and Pat Way, BLaST support staff, and Todd Moyer, CSPD, who contributed their time and energy throughout the day's programming.