BLaST IU#17 is proud to once again offer the Guest Teacher workshop series.    
At the completion of this workshop, you will be able to obtain an emergency substitute teaching certificate.
This certificate will allow you to be an emergency substitute teacher in any of the 19 school districts within IU#17.

Where and When is the Guest Teacher Workshop Series?

For residents of Bradford or Tioga Counties,
the workshop series is being held at the BLaST IU#17 office located in Canton, intersection of Rt 14 and 414 W.
Dates are July 19, 20, 8:30 to 3:00 and July 21, 8:30 to noon.

For residents of either Lycoming or Sullivan Counties,
the workshop series will be offered at the Blast Office in Williamsport, 2400 Reach Road.
Dates are July 25, 26, 8:30 to 3:00 and July 27, 8:30 to noon.

  Each workshop series will require a minimum of 15 participants. Waiting lists
  will begin for each session when the maximum of 40 participants is reached.

  Seating will be limited to 40 participants per series, register today.

All participants of the workshop series must have successfully completed a degree program from an accredited college or university.

What should I bring to the workshop series?

- copy of your college or university diploma

- copy of your social security card
- copy of your photo driver's license

Your application packet will include forms for your Act 151 and Act 34
clearances. Additionally, you will need to complete the BLAST Guest Teacher application and bring that with you to the workshop series.

How do I get an application packet?

    If you are interested in becoming a Guest Teacher, contact BLaST IU#17 and ask for Pat Way.
Our phone number is (570) 323-8561. If you would rather e-mail Pat, her address is

Is there a charge for the Guest Teacher workshop series?
    BLaST IU#17 does not charge participants for the Guest Teacher workshop series. We feel you will be assisting all of our districts in a time when it is difficult to find substitute teachers. You will be providing us and our districts with an essential element in today's educational world, that of an emergency substitute teacher.
Will lunch be provided?    
    Lunch will be provided for the first day. On the second day, participants are asked to pack their "school lunch." There will not be lunch on the third day.
Who will be at the workshop? - Meet Our Presenters
Gigi helps you wake up and prepare for your classroom days

Gigi Kilroe
Supervisor, BLaST
    Having the skills of a supervisor, teacher, and substitute teacher, Gigi will help you to understand teacher's lesson plans, teaching manuals and how to decipher a school day schedule. With both humor and compassion, Gigi will explain what you will need to do, and get ready for, in order to have a great and successful day of teaching.
    As Gigi will point out, some materials left for the substitute are better than others, but with some guidance, you too will be able to decipher the plans and the schedules like a pro. Using actual plans and manuals, Gigi walks all of us
through a daily schedule of activities and assignments.
Good instructional techniques lead to a lively and engaged classroom.

    Many of us believe we can teach, but how many of us can really instruct. Teaching is a craft which improves with practice and experience. Yet, it never hurts to know a few tips and tricks of helping students to understand and feel a part of the instruction.
Being both a classroom teacher and workshop presenter, Todd will show you the basics of good instruction. Along with information, he will walk the audience through simple and quick techniques which will help all students better to understand and participate in the material you will present to them. Learn a bit of how learning takes place and the very real excuse of "I just can't think no more." Getting students involved in their own learning will help your own day go so much smoother. Keeping students egaged is one of the keys all Guest Teachers need.

Todd Moyer
Ed. Consultant, BLaST
From Seuss to Socrates, learn quick methods to continually support reading

    Passionate and enthusiastic are the words to describe Amy as she explains the importance of reading throughout the curriculum. A believer that supportive reading instruction is not simply a "class-a-day", Amy will demonstrate how reading skills can be, and should be, implemented in all subjects.
    Without knowing the vocabulary of a subject, how will the student ever hope to gain
a level of understanding, confidence and independence. Using research based activities, Amy will show you how to involve reading in all academic areas and how to truly support those reading skills which are essential whether the student is reading a Dr. Seuss book or a Socratic dissertation.

Amy Breon
Reading Specialist, BLaST
Is there really bad behavior? Classroom management is more than discipline!
Worskhop Happenings

What are you going to do when the phone rings at 5:30 am? Find out in day one what you will need to do in order to prepare yourself for that am substitute teacher phone call.

Day One also will introduce to you the basics of good instruction and quick ways to elicit student participation.

Concluding Day One will be techniques of effective instruction and "no-prep" ways for students to begin responding to your instructional questions.

When you have a room full of students you have a room full of potential. The potential for "what" is up to you.

On Day Two, we will discuss two specific subject areas: Reading and Math. We will help you prepare to instruct these subjects and support student learning.

What you probably have most on your mind is what to do with students and their behavior. Rounding up on Day Two we will have our behavior consultants inform you of ways to de-escalate potential behaviors and how to plan your own reactions.

Day 3 begins with the importance of confidentiality and how the laws apply to you as a Guest Teacher. We will then proceed with final paperwork and an explanation as to how and when you may be called by a school district.

Local schools will be sending representatives to answer those questions which are specific to school districts. You will also get a chance     to meet those individuals with whom you will be working with throughout the next school year.

Day three has always been     a welcoming day for both participants and school districts as they get a chance to meet one another.
Day three will end at approximately 12 noon.

    What everyone wants to know about: Behavior. We are proud to present Kelly Swartwood and Melissa Pedigree as part of our workshop series. Working with students, teachers, and classroom environments, Kelly and Melissa bring to us both experience and expertise.
    Causes of misbehavior may not always lie within the student. There are steps that you can take as a Guest Teacher to help maintain a balanced atmosphere and greatly reduce the chance of a student confrontation. As you will see, behavior in the classroom begins with you.

Kelly Swartwood
Melissa Pedigree
Behavior Consultant, BLaST
Behavior Consultant, BLaST
Ready to reserve your place? Click here to sign up!   Canton - July 19, 20 , 21 - Williamsport July 25, 26 ,27